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Engaged: Jennifer + Matthew

Jennifer is like a younger sister to me. Only naturally so since she’s my youngest sister’s BFF since high school and beyond. So happy to see the woman she’s grown into and the man she’s found to share in her love of fur babies. Their wedding day is quite special for us since it marks 10 years since we photographed our first wedding back in 07/07/07.  Can’t wait to celebrate our anniversary with their big day!

Engaged: Dina + John

Dina + John have gone on a TON of adventures around the world together. Experiencing many cultures and seeing the world together only helps to strengthen the foundation of a marriage. They will embark on their greatest adventure yet and can’t wait to see the many places they will continue to see and especially how their family life pans out. Can’t wait for this weekend, guys!!

Vu Family

Meet my family!! Ahead of father’s day we were able to slide in a quick impromptu photo session while my niece was in town from Texas. It’s rare that we get an opportunity to be photographed together outside of the traditional Christmas Eve family photo so I pushed pretty hard to make this happen. As you all already know, we grow so much more fond of family as we grow older and even more so when we have our own kids. And there may have been a lot of nags, stresses and headaches that went along with planning this but guys check it out–it was so worth the effort! Heck, I even made it into a lot of the photos myself. So if you’ve been itching to have that family photo session, let’s take some action and do it this year. Doesn’t have to be with me–I just want you to have those memories to keep near and dear at a time that you can never take back. Your husband, wife, mother-in-law and/or kids may give you a very hard time for it but 10, 20 years from now they will be so glad you dragged them outdoors and bribed them to smile for the camera.

My older brother could not make it out so he’s the only one missing.

Still can’t believe I have 3 kids!

My dad with each of my 3 sisters.

Dad with each of his 10 grandchild.

We had a really fun time posing for the camera.

These set of cousins have the BEST time together–always!! I love their tight knit relationship and hope it continues forever.