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Annie & Justin’s Wedding

We love attending weddings that incorporate a lot of cultural elements. It’s so interesting and fun to see different traditions that people celebrate. We’re fortunate to live in SoCal where it’s such a huge melting pot that it is much more accessible than other regions of the US. Annie and Justin’s wedding day included Chinese traditions as well as the more westernized “American” wedding. They were able to magically cram it all into 1 day which was quite a feat.

Also a huge feat was how much PINK Annie was able to include in her wedding. You basically do not know Annie if you do not know that she is infatuated with, in love with, and quite frankly LIVES for the color PINK. She’s so cute b/c you can just see her heart melt when anything PINK pops up and you will see a lot of PINK popping up in the images to follow.

It was a tremendous honor and joy to have photographed their wedding day. There were tons of laughter and of course tears of joy scattered through out the day. On any given day to experience those 2 things, you know it was a good day. 10.10.10 was a good day.

The guys had to do some grueling obstacles in order to access the house to ask for the bride’s hand in marriage.
Including doing jumping jacks while wearing bikini tops with water balloons in ’em and putting their feet in icy cold water.
Note the groomsmen in PINK ties and vests.

In addition to the obstacles, Justin had to make 10 promises to Annie that the bridesmaids had to approve.

Before Justin gets to even see Annie, he has to sign the oath and then read all 10 things aloud. Some of these are:
purchasing Annie a new Mercedes Benz. Breakfast in bed every weekend. Jewelry gift on every anniversary. Dishes everyday.
Annie smiles and laughs at hearing the promises from at the top of the stairs.

As you can see, Annie acquired quite a bit of gold at the tea ceremony as is the Chinese tradition for marriages.
PINK tip nails.

The bouquet is a beautiful PINK arrangement; as it should be. =)

Her gorgeous gown is a Maggie Sottero design. Spot the PINK hanger? 😉

This is the 1st of many photos that show Annie’s sincere and genuine smile/laugh.
You can just tell how happy she is that the big day is finally here!

What did I say about that smile of hers? It’s completely contagious. You can’t help but feel happy inside.
HOT PINK bridesmaids gowns!

Does this placecard frame look at all familiar? It’s from my wedding!
She was a guest and I had to have her hold it up since its the official day that she’s a Mrs.

Love how this photo captures Annie going off to be married with the Chinese symbol for double love above her.

Yup, even Justin’s boutonniere is PINK to go along with Annie’s PINK lips.

Exiting the home together was a joyous moment. They were escorted out under an umbrella and rice was thrown in celebration.

Their ceremony took place at Trump National Golf Course in gorgeous Palos Verdes overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

What a sight! One you can never forget.

The cutest PINK and green lanterns hung on shepherds hooks line the aisle.

Two double shaped PINK hearts are at the center of the aisle.

Here comes the bride…!!

PINK and green sand is mixed to symbolize their union.

*SIGH* What a gorgeous view!!!

Finally, husband and wife!

That contagious smile of hers again. Check out those HOT PINK heels!!

The reception was held at Lunasia Restaurant in Alhambra.

You guessed it, of course the delectable cake is also PINK.

PINK roses.

PINK table cloths.

A slideshow ran from behind their sweetheart table.

A very touching first dance.

Everyone was all smiles all night long.

One of Annie’s secondary outfits was head to toe PINK. Love the outfit changes which were beautiful and had a couture feel.

Their favors were quite unique. Small towels shaped into pastries that were passed out at the end of dinner.

They both danced til it was the very last second to get on out.

Shout out to Kelly Duprat who did an amazing job coordinating this wedding. She was running all over the place and even got sunburnt at the ceremony!

Annie - November 29, 2010 - 12:07 am

thanks Thao Thao & Duy for capturing all the greatest moment on our very special day~ <3 love the way u blog and the pics u chose to share~ 🙂

you guys did a fabulous job on our big day! thank you! yay!!!

Thanh - November 29, 2010 - 1:01 am

Awesome photos! Congrats again Annie and Justin!

Annie and Justin’s Wedding 10.10.10 « - November 30, 2010 - 9:06 pm

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