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For months now I’ve been planning a photoshoot of just my 5 nieces. I realized that I have not utilized the talent I’ve been given to document some of the most important people in my life. They grow up so quick and time is so limited and precious. I see them quite often and they wreck so much havoc at times that I admit, I take ’em for granted. Being so focused working on client assignments that I’m just starting to come up from out of the dust to see clearly what I’ve been missing. With my sister, KimChi, being diagnosed with thyroid cancer it only helped to make things even more clear. We expanded upon the idea to do a larger family shoot and rapidly planned for it to transpire before her surgery which is happening this very evening. I write this blog with high hopes that she will come out of this a stronger woman; not only for her kids but for the rest of us who love and adore her so dearly. Please join me in wishing her the best and keeping her and our family in your thoughts and prayers. With that, get to know my family a little bit more because they play a big role in shaping who I am; bringing me joy, tears and wonderful memories.

My niece, Charlotte, named after the gal from Sex and the City.

My sister, KimChi, with her daughters Chloe and Elise.
KimChi LOVES shoes. She’s sportin’ her YSL Tribtoo Pumps.

Chloe “Bear” is just too cute here!

KimChi with her husband, Elvis, with their daughters and son, Benjamin.

My oldest sister, Kymmie, with her 3 daughters Nicole, Kortney and Charlotte.

My 5 nieces together wearing Missoni for Target. Yeah, we went a little nuts shopping that morning!

Lighting was simply AMAZING for this shot of Chloe playing with the VS umbrella.

Sisterly love galore! My nieces are so adorable and I’m not just saying that b/c they’re related to me.
These two are exactly 366 days in age apart so they’ve practically grown up all their lives together.

They are really each others best friends (and at times temporary enemies).

These black+white’s make me smile.

My oldest nieces…I can’t believe they’re in high school (the same HS I attended). One is a SENIOR!

KimChi with the two men in her lives.

Elise is like the perfect model.

My parents’ 9 princesses.
I was able to jump into this all girls shot along with my youngest sister, Julie.

Benjamin is our prince besides my brother who is not pictured.
So what does that make Elvis and Robert? I guess they’re dukes?? Hahaha.

People always ask me when I’m going to pop out some kids to add to the mix. Well, as you can see, my parents have plenty of grandkids of all ages; they can wait a couple more years before a new grandkid is born. =)

Special thanks to ANHA for doing hair and  make-up for KimChi, Nicole and Kortney. Shout out to my youngest sister, Julie, for 2nd shooting with me for the first time. Lots of training to do still!

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