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I’m 30!

Today I turn 30. A new decade and age marked as a newlywed, “young” I guess, and blooming with potential. I always thought that if and when I turned 30 and didn’t have the career of my dreams then I can consider my life toast and wasted. As I sit here today, I know it’s still not too late to make my dreams come true. I am pretty content with what life has brought thus far and consider myself blessed in every way. My dreams are getting closer and closer every day and I hope to share with you all in that journey. Thank you for sharing in all that I’ve ventured thru thus far and thank you in advance for your future support in coming back.

To mark my 30th birthday I decided (very last minute) to have a photo shoot of myself. I’ve always been pretty shy about photos, but going thru the marriage thing and the many photo shoots we did I thought again, what better way to lead but by example?!? I want my clients to get creative and have a shoot for any reason at all–even if there is no reason. It’s fun and photos are a great way to mark any day, reason, occasion.

Thank you to the wonderful Anha who shot me and did the fabulous make-up. Her photos are shown below w/o my watermark. Thank you also to my dearest Gwen Huyen for the beautiful natural curls. Thank you to my old roommate, Cindy, for baking the fabulous cake! It rocked!! Thank you to TDANG for helping out that day with carrying the cake and balloons and shooting on the side. And last but not least thank you to my husband, Robert, who supported me from the very minute I suggested a photo shoot. We were so busy at the time moving me into his place, redoing the closet and organizing all our things but he was still 110% supportive of taking out extra time to help me with the details during such a busy time in our lives. He really wanted me to mark my big day in a special way. Thanks, babe!! Love you! *muah*

This is probably hands down my favorite image of the shoot. So fun and carefree.

We crackle painted these numbers from Michael’s.
Rob drilled holes on the bottom of ’em to glue the dowels on so I can play around with them at the shoot.

Haha..this cracks me up. A little too much fun?

Never too old to be a bit silly.

These balloons are huge. They can swallow me alive. From Party City.

Thanh accidentally shot this image focused on the twig. It came out PERFECTLY unfocused! LOVE it.

See how the balloons can literally eat me alive? A single one is 2/3 my size.

I couldn’t forget my camera as a prop!

A birthday is not complete without a cake!

Alphabet candles from Party City.

making a wish…

Love how you can see the smoke.

Observing the aftermath.

This photoshoot was SOOO much fun! I wanna do it every year now… haha yeah right. Anyhoots…didn’t Anha do a fantastic job, guys? She’s a budding photographer and would love your support! Check out her photography site here: Anha Nguyen Photography.

If you’re dying to know, the dress is from H&M. $35. =)

Jeanie & Lorenzo’s Engagement Shoot

Working in the corporate world has its perks. I end up getting 80% of my betrothed coworkers to have me shoot their engagement and wedding photographs. Lorenzo is my 5th co-worker/client combo and I’m so honored that he and Jeanie chose us. They are SUPER friendly, chill, down to earth, and pair up quite nicely. Just saying… it could lead to great lookin’ kids. =) Anyhoots we explored Shoreline Village in Long Beach together before heading a bit south to the Seal Beach Pier for sunset, ice cream, and romantic pier shots. What a great way to spend my official 1st day back on the photographing front and to end a wonderful weekend.

Lorenzo’s got those buggard ‘i love you so much it hurts’ looks for Jeanie.

This would be so cool if it were their house they were standing in front of.

Jeanie’s got the ‘i’m so lucky in love’ look.

A friendly tug-of-war over ice cream.

Romance all the way…sigh.

This image makes me wanna go “awwww”!!