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Honeymoon Part 2: Bora Bora

Bora Bora is simply amazing. We did a lot of relaxing on this island and couldn’t have asked for more–well maybe another 2 nights in the overwater bungalow. Every day while the sun’s up, if you’re not out and about taking in the gorgeous scenery then it’s just a waste of time being there. You think staring out into the crystal clear turquoise waters for a half hour straight would be enough but you really can’t get over it! It was one of the best experiences and vacations ever and I’m missing it a lot just blogging about it now. Wishing you all can enjoy it someday too.

Here’s our overwater bungalow by night. I’m on the sundeck shooting into our room with Rob sitting off to the side.

We stayed at the Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort and were greeted with a bottle of champagne to celebrate our honeymoon.

We finished the bottle and were pretty tipsy. =)

We were surprised by the Dang family who had sneakily contacted the resort’s spa to set up a couple’s massage for us. They are oh so sweet and generous. Thank you so much guys!!

Sunrise. Beautiful.

The resort’s pool.

Rob strolling on the white sand beach.

Super dooper happy that I had to jump for sheer joy.

The maze-like structure of the overwater bungalows. We went the wrong way once and got lost.

There’s our unit up ahead at the end.

We had the very best bungalow–the furthest one out with max privacy.

Here’s an ariel view of our resort. We stayed in the one circled.

I could sunbathe with this view all day, any day.

Rob is pretty far out in the water and its still VERY shallow–just barely waist deep to him.

Good-bye overwater bungalow–we must now depart to our beach bungalow. =(

Click on the image below for a full panoramic view.

Don’t get me wrong, this beach bungalow is still pretty dope in my book.

We roughed it out a little bit with an outdoor bathroom. How cool is that? It’s like 5 star Gilligan’s Island fun.

Right next to our bathroom was our very own enclosed sun deck and jacuzzi!!

The view from our living room. GORGEOUS! The window framed it so well.

Here’s my hubby enjoying the view you see above.

Rob swam and played in the sand…

…while I chillaxed on the hammock under coconut trees. Heck all I need is a pina colada to top this scene off.

Smiley picture time! We lost a piece to our tripod so had to make do with funny angles.

One ghetto thing we did was finish off some cognac in a side alley in town. Didn’t wanna pack it to bring home.

The good-bye sunset that BoraBora left us with. We hope someday to see it again!

Sherry & Mark’s Family

My cousin, Sherry, who lives in South Carolina with her husband and 2 boys asked if I would shoot her family while she was in town for my wedding in July.  Lucky for her she planned well and came to California 2 weeks before the wedding. If she came the week of I would have definitely declined since I would have gone mad from all the stress and time constraints of the week leading up to the wedding day already; let alone doing a shoot in the middle of it all. She was very flexible with the timing so it worked out perfectly and I’m so glad we were able to make it happen. They were so much fun and beautiful doesn’t hurt either. =)

Not sure why but I really like this image.

This one’s pretty cool too. =)

Brothers: Alex and Tyler.

Children’s feet shots are so adorable.

Tyler was just full of energy and laughed at everything and anything!

How sweet is this mother and son shot? Can you imagine their mother/son dance at his wedding in 20 or so years? *tears*

The men in the family.

Did I mention what a great lookin’ family they are?

Married now for 10 years.

Mark always goofing off. I guess that’s where Tyler gets it from.