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Teri & Kevin’s Wedding

Their ceremony took place at St. Irenaeus Catholic Church in Cypress. We were able to capture a lot of great images due to the great natural lighting from the skylights that lined the church’s roof. It was one of our more traditional weddings where no one had seen Teri until her dad walked her down the aisle. I think it makes for a much bigger impact when you see the bride for the very first time when she’s walked down the aisle. It was all quite lovely for Teri!!

Their intimate reception took place at the Cerritos Library in the upper level Skyline Room. Who knew libraries in CA actually hosted events? I thought that was only an East Coast thing!

Without further ado, please enjoy the images from Teri and Kevin’s wonderful day. See the love they share come to life.

Beading detail is so detailed and intricate.

Doesn’t Teri look just sooo beautiful!?!

That big moment: here comes the BRIDE!

I love this shot of them from behind.

The first kiss series is so wonderful.

We took family and wedding party photographs at the Cerritos Sculpture Garden.

Lovin’ the 70-200mm lense for this shot.

Kevin is a huge Angels fan making the groom’s cake so fitting.

I really enjoy this flag game for the newlyweds. I wanna play it at mine!

My new addiction: adding extra grain to photos.

They are SOOO in love and soo happy.

Teri and Kevin are so cute! Sharing more cake together even after cake cutting.

This might be my favorite photo of the day.

teri and kevin wedding

Rob - July 7, 2010 - 12:00 pm

I’m liking the groom’s cake.

New site launch!

It’s been almost 3 years to the day since we had a face lift to our site. It has been more than past due but always better late than never, right?!? We hope you like our new layout that enables us to post larger images for a bigger impact. Our slightly tweaked watermark helps the image stand on its own while still branding it our own. You must be wondering how in the heck I managed to launch a new site in the midst of wedding planning and working thru so many weddings in the month of June. There’s really no good explanation. Could be a factor of no social life, very little sleep, and very good help I guess.

Happy 4th of July! Next blog entry to be posted in a few short  days.

Kathy & Alex’s Wedding

“How Sweet it is to Be Loved By You!”

Now that I’m getting married myself with my wedding only 40 days away, I’m starting to feel like going thru the motions of planning a wedding and actually getting married yourself should be a requirement for any wedding photographer. Not that I wasn’t before, but I am much more in-tuned to my client’s emotions and look out for even more detailed things they had thought of in their planning process so that I can capture to detail their day.

Kathy and Alex had their wedding ceremony at the Wayfarer’s Chapel located in Rancho Palos Verdes. I’ve always dreamed of shooting a wedding at this beautiful ocean view location so when they walked thru the doors inquiring about us photographing their wedding–I was sooo stoked! I’m so happy they chose us b/c we were able to capture so many great shots for them that day.

Amazing creations out of all different kinds of fruit to depict a dragon.

Check out all that confetti! So much fun.

Love her floral one shouldered strap.

The flowergirl holding a humming bird.

Kathy walks in with her brother.

First kiss as husband and wife! *tear*

The lighting hit her dress just so perfectly here when she exited the chapel.

We emptied out the chapel and had them take a few shots in it.

A view of the Pacific Ocean behind them.

You’ll see by now that Kathy and Alex love to kiss. Not even on command by me.

They also love to laugh–lots of inside couple jokes.

Isn’t this just gorgeous!?! You can see Catalina Island.

Here comes the fun at the reception…check out this sundae of a centerpiece that goes so perfectly with their theme! i LOVE the twirly/twisty straw–soo CUTE!

What’s even better than sundae centerpieces?!? Sundae and cupcake placecard holders!!!

These have got to be the most unique and beautiful placecard holders I have ever seen. And yes, those coca cola cups are real glass! And those flowers are also real!

I had to take individual shots of them. I could not resist.

A candy station is a MUST for this theme.

BEST of all–Kathy and Alex’s creativity took them to grand heights of making their own photo backdrop. You have to see it to believe it. There’s 2 windows at the back where they stand and peek thru while their guests sit and pose at the front. Guests had soo much fun with this. It was definitely something new and refreshing to see. Great job guys!
kathy and alex

Their sweetheart table looks so SWEET. Lovin’ the stained glass vases.

Check out their bobble head replicas as cake toppers. ADORABLE!

The cupcake was so cute I used it to shoot their rings on.

We also used the Hershey’s kisses from the candy station to hold the rings.

Check out the happy couple before their entrance. Yeah, those are 2 sets of dragon dancers behind them–ready to entertain the crowd!
kathy and alex wedding

Stealing a kiss before the entrance. Told yah they love to kiss.

Cake cutting

First dance