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Published! in Utterly Engaged e-magazine

For all my bride-to-be’s out there, if you have not heard of Utterly Engaged then you are definitely missing out. It’s strictly an online magazine that offers the cutest ideas and offers tips for all your wedding needs; especially if you’re a bride on a budget. They have plenty of articles on DIY (do it yourself) projects that are absolutely cute and affordable.

Recently we were featured in Utterly Engaged Issue #7. We submitted 2 images to go with their theme of “tear jerker”. The 2 images are featured below from Rosalia and Shane’s wedding.  We’re so proud to say it’s our first time being “published”. Albeit it be online, but it’s still being published nonetheless. Click on the image below to take a look at the page we were published on as well as “flip thru” the rest of the magazine to view all the other beautiful moments captured at other weddings.

Utterly Engaged

I’m getting married!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you must know I got engaged last January on Chinese (Lunar) New Year. This year it lands on February 14th! Don’t ask me how odd it is that its now 3 weeks later than it was last year. Anyhow with me getting married I’ve been quite busy with planning. Juggling a full-time job, part-time photography, and wedding planning (which is pretty much also full-time) can be a bit daunting and overwhelming. I know I’ve fallen behind on blogging but I will try my best to update at least every other week.

So here’s the deal…Rob and I have set a date: July 31, 2010.
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With the wedding date set, Duy and I have blocked out 6 weeks from July 1 – August 13 of absolutely no photography work and all just wedding related stuff for me. We decided it was the best way to keep us both sane thru this crazy and exciting time in my life. We sincerely apologize for not being able to photograph your special day during these weeks of hiatus.

I must confess that I’ve been blogging more regularly on my wedding blog, which can be found here:

For all you brides out there that love to hear details and want to know what kind of wedding I’m planning for myself–please bookmark and check it out weekly since I have a ton of documenting and talking about to do of my own wedding planning. I must say that I am much more empathetic of my brides now that I am actually going thru the planning process myself. I mean I knew there was a lot of planning involved but I really had NO IDEA. I feel your pain, your joy, your excitement–all of it! It also made me realize how much more important photography is on your wedding day. You put so much effort into every little detail and when your photographer captures it for you and locks it into memory forever it’s such a priceless thing.

That leads me to the big question: who did I hire to photograph my wedding? Well…you can find out more details on my wedding blog, but it is Kim Le Photography.